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Trinational exchange on transboundary cooperation in Ustyurt

In May, a three-day knowledge exchange on strengthening transboundary nature conservation cooperation in the tri-border region in Ustyurt between…

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[Translate to EN:] Restauriertes Küstenüberflutungsmoor Karrendorfer Wiesen (Foto: T. Dahms)

Q&As on peatland rewetting

Seven concise Q&As for understanding the importance of peatlands for the EU Nature Restoration Lawand the Soil Health - the GMC and partner assembled…

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Peatland restoration of blanket bog in Wicklow Mountains, Ireland (Photo: J. Peters)

Intensified exchange for peatlands in Europe

In the European Union, about 25 % of peatlands are damaged. Representatives from six european countries met in Ireland in mid-May to discuss how…

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How to paludiculture? (Photo: BioFilm)

How to paludiculture? 

Shown in our new film: 50 people from 10 EU countries experience on a 5-day tour, that paludiculture is feasible and how.

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Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Hyrcanian Forests World Heritage Site with one click

A digital tour through the photo exhibition shows visitors the pristine nature and culture of the region and makes the World Natural Heritage of the…

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Succow Foundation supports UN poster series „Climate knowledge for all“

The Succow Foundation has supported a German translation of the poster series „Climate knowledge for all“ developed by the United Nations.

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Camera traps have been set up for the first time in the border area between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Photo: Nationalpark Südustjurt (Usbekistan)

Camera traps set up for biodiversity monitoring in Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan border area

Camera traps have been set up for the first time in the border area between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

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Short films show the beauty of the World Heritage Site of the Hyrcanian Forests

With the three-part short film series, the Succow Foundation, together with partners, wants to draw attention to the breathtaking nature and culture…

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Michael Succow (c) Annett Melzer


Today, our founder Prof. em. Dr. Michael Succow turns 82. 

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[Translate to EN:] Teilnehmer des Workshops "One Health in Zentralasien" im März 2023 (Foto: Ministry of Natural Resources of Uzbekistan)

One Health to be expanded in Central Asia

Towards an innovative IKI project to prevent zoonoses through effective conservation management.

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