Succow Foundation travels to potential biosphere reserves in Oman

At the beginning of August, a team of the Succow Foundation and the Botanical Garden of the University of Greifswald visited the two study areas for the potential analysis for new biosphere reserves in Oman: Jabal Al-Akhdar Scenic Reserve in the Hajar mountains in northern Oman and Jabal Samhan Nature Reserve in the Dhofar in southern Oman.

Both areas were inspected together with partners from the Omani environmental authority with regard to the UNESCO criteria for the nomination of new biosphere reserves. These include not only importance for the protection of biodiversity, but also cultural heritage, potential for the development of a sustainable economic region and preservation of valuable cultural landscapes.

The interest in Oman in the development of new biosphere reserves was very high. Overall, both areas would be suitable in principle as biosphere reserves. For further development, the Al-Jabal-Al-Akhdar Scenic Reserve was selected first by the partners, as the path here can probably be followed somewhat more quickly.

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