Walk the peatland per audio & app

On World Wetlands Day, explore Greifswald's peatlands by audio walk - simply download the Greifswald app and off you go...

On World Wetlands Day (WWD) on 2nd February, Greifswald is offering "peatlands for listening". On this day, an audio walk will be published via the Greifswald App for the first time and will take you to the peatlands around Greifswald. So download the app onto your smartphone or tablet - and off you go.
The walk across the "meadows near Greifswald", which Caspar David Friedrich captured in his painting of the same name, is a bit like "I spy with my little eye ". There is much to discover that is not visible at first glance. For instead of meadows, the painter's painting is about peatlands just in front of the city gates.
All those interested are cordially invited to try the peatland walk on the WWD, Thursday 2nd February. Together with Lord Mayor Dr. Stefan Fassbinder, the new professor for Peatland Science at the University of Greifswald, Gerald Jurasinski, the Member of Parliament Anna Kassautzki (Social Democratic Party) and the organic farmer Dörte Wolfgramm-Stühmeyer, they will walk across the Steinbecker Vorstadt Polder. They will be accompanied by Christina Lechtape from the Succow Foundation,member in the Greifswald Mire Centre, who was in charge of developing the walk within the MoKKa project, Thomas Beil, managing director of the Greifswald Agricultural Initiative, and the municipal peatland manager Annie Wojatschke. The meeting point is at 2 pm at the Steinbecker Vorstadt pumping station - with smartphone in hand and downloaded app, of course.
The audio walk is based on the brochure Moore bei Greifswald, published by the Succow Foundation.
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