Marion Dönhoff fellow presented research

Liliia Grychulevych has presented her research “Analysis of restoration potential of wetlands in the Western Bug basin as part of larger efforts to restore small rivers in the Vistula basin on the territory of Ukraine”.

Liliia, who is originally from Ukraine, became a refugee in spring 2022 and currently resides in Berlin. She conducted her research in a close cooperation with the Directorate of the Western Bug Basin Water Resources. As the result, 150 ha peatland territory in L’viv oblast was selected for the restoration. As part of her study, she has travelled to Lviv oblast to discuss with the people of three rural communities the importance of healthy rivers, the value of the natural floodplains for the health of the rivers and the shared responsibility of the local people for the common goods like freshwater resources.

By providing the opportunity to Liliia Grychulevych to conduct her research, the Succow Foundation keeps the spirit of Marion Dönhoff alive through strengthening proactive behaviour and individuals' awareness towards the joint responsibility for common welfare.