Side Event at COP14 of the Bonn Convention (CMS)

The side event on February 15, 2024 in Samarkand (Uzbekistan) focused on improved transboundary migration in Central Asia and presented best practices such as the bilateral cooperation in Zarafshan Valley. Around 100 participants attended the event.

Many counterparts from high political level of the Central Asian countries, nature conservation organisations and scientists took part and discussed the presentations and provided inspiration for further transboundary projects.

The ecosystems of Central Asia are among those most affected by climate change. This is far from the only challenge they face. Cross-border connectivity and migration are disrupted by physical barriers. Large and largely inaccessible areas make it difficult to patrol and monitor wildlife populations.

In order to overcome those difficulties, GIZ (projects EcoAral and ILUCA), the Michael Succow Foundation and the Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity Kazakhstan (ACBK) presented the ongoing cross-border cooperation between the range states of Central Asia and discussed ways to monitor them effectively and efficiently.