Networking event of the Ukrainian biosphere reserves

Within the project “Ecosystem-based Adaptation to climate change and regional development by empowering Ukrainian Biosphere Reserves” the Michael Succow Foundation organized a Networking event of the Ukrainian Biosphere Reserves (BRs) in Lviv, Ukraine. Representatives of 7 Biosphere Reserves as well as German and Ukrainian Ministries of Environment, National UNESCO MAB committee and other stakeholders attended the meeting.

The objectives of the meeting were to strengthen partnership and exchange between the Ukrainian Biosphere Reserves, to share knowledge, experience and lessons learnt during the project and to promote the Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) approach to climate change. The event was organized in hybrid format so that some interested participants could join also via online platform. The first day of the event was dedicated to the presentations, discussions and group works for addressing common challenges of the biosphere reserves as well as discussing opportunities for the implementation of the Ecosystem-based Adaptation approaches.

In the end of the day the documentary movie, produced within the project was presented to the participants. On the second day an excursion to one of the target BRs of the project - Roztochya Biosphere Reserve - was organized. The participants visited implemented EbA pilot projects within the BR and had the possibility to meet the implementers and discuss questions related to the pilot projects implementation. Within the project in total 9 EbA pilot projects out of 29 submissions were selected and successfully implemented in three target BRs.  

The EbA Ukraine project goes to an end and this was the final event organized within this project.