A peatland must-see

Seven minutes of peatland knowledge with beautifully animated illustrations of Sarah Heuzeroth ...


What is a peatland and what is the current state of peatlands? Why are peatlands drained but should be rewetted? Why is this important to us and the global climate and simultaneously a chance for sustainable use? Find these questions and many more answered in our new video on peatlands, climate and paludiculture with beautifully animated illustrations of Sarah Heuzeroth. Seven minutes of condensed peatland knowledge. Get to know why peatlands grow in hight over centuries to millenia but are destructed within few years. Why drained peatlands merely cover 0,4% of the global land surface but cause 5 % of todays man-made greenhouse gas emissions. Why agriculture, as grassland or arable land, on drained peatlands is self-destructive and that there is a solution called paludiculture.
This film was prepared in the project Carbon capturing by Baltic peatland farmers of Succow Foundation and partners. It is financed by the European Climate Initiative (EUKI).