Innovation and inspiration on peatlands across Europe

Five projects’ joint brochure for better impact

Five EU transnational projects exploring innovative measures to save our peatlands have released the Peatlands Across Europe: Innovation and Inspiration guide outlining their experiences and recommendations. One of them is the DESIRE project of the Succow Foundation. Despite being carbon storage powerhouses, biodiversity champions, and important for climate change adaptation and mitigation, peatlands are in trouble. Across Europe they have been drained and degraded. These damaged sites become significant sources of carbon emissions. Although only 15% of the world’s peatlands have been degraded, this 0.4% of the world’s surface area contributes to more than 5% of CO2 emissions. To have a significant impact, future peatland projects need to build on what has come before and avoid reinventing the wheel. Including state of the art practical solutions to peatland restoration, business models, GHG assessment techniques, and outlining the policy actions essential for progress, the guide is a must read for decision makers and peatland managers looking to scale up action on peatlands.