Exhibition in a box

EUKI project sends box with paludiculture products to Baltic partners. They can take and show the small, mobile "exhibition in the box" wherever needed.

The aim of the EUKI project Carbon sequestration by Baltic peatland farmers is to bring Baltic farms and entrepreneurs together and provide information on how biomass can be cultivated in rewetted peatlands, how it can be harvested, provided and processed through to product marketing. Farmers working on drained landy up to now could contribute to reducing CO2 emissions in the agricultural sector as MoorKlimaWirt (peatland carbon farmer). With paludicultures you can preserve the peat bodies of peatlands and produce renewable biomass. The materials in the box are now showing interested Baltic farmers and biomass-processing companies what can be produced from this in a climate-neutral management. It Includes, for example, insulating and fiber raw materials, paper and molded parts as well as insulating and construction boards for furniture construction and interior fittings.