Zarafshan Valley Photo: N. Marmasinskaya

New project launched for transboundary environmental cooperation in Central Asia

A new project to strengthen transboundary protected area management and sustainable land use between Central Asian countries started on Monday with an…

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[Translate to EN:] Peatland Atlas cover - Creator: Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung. This image is licensed under Creative Commons License.

Out now: the Peatland Atlas in English

The Moor Atlas has attracted great interest in Germany and - though in German - even beyond - that is why it is now also published in English.

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Ranger Team receives IUCN WCPA International Ranger Award

The Rangers of the Desniansko-Starohutskyi National Nature Park, our partner National Nature Park & Biosphere Reserve, were awarded for exceptional…

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Annual Report 2022

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The desert ecosystems of the cold winter deserts of Turan are unique. (c) M. Gritsina

Cold Winter Deserts of Turan recommended for inscription on the World Heritage List

IUCN has recommended the World Heritage Site „Cold Winter Deserts of Turan“, nominated jointly by Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, for…

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Succow Foundation starts project in Mongolia to protect the Gobi Desert

Together with partners, the Nature Conservation Foundation supports the World Heritage nomination of Gobi Desert 

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Vilm workshops on transboundary cooperation and conservation of the Asiatic Wild Ass

From 26-30 June, workshops on transboundary conservation cooperation in the „Transboundary Conservation Hotspots for the Central Asian Mammals…

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Thrilling initial expedition to Small Gobi in Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia – In a remarkable adventure aiming at preserving the biodiversity and natural heritage of the Gobi Desert, an ambitious…

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[Translate to EN:] Illustration Mooratlas 2023

Coming up: Peatland Atlas

Save the Date: At 18th September we'll present the Peatland Atlas in an English and more international version at Brussels.

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Cold winter deserts are home for many species, which are not easy to see for the first glance. Sometimes you need to look very closely to find the traces of species. Photo: O. Kugaev

CADI final report submitted

With the submission of the final report to the IKI, the CADI project was now formally completed at the end of May.

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