Workshop on cooperation in transboundary conservation between the governments of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Photo: GIZ

Time for cooperation has come – Tajikistan and Uzbekistan for transboundary nature conservation

Efforts to strengthen the bilateral relations with Uzbekistans’ neighbouring countries are fruiting and impact cooperation in conservation in Central…

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[Translate to EN:] Mannhagener Moor bei Greifswald (Foto: S. Kagemann)

Peatland protection strategy

The German government has adopted the peatland protection strategy. The Succow Foundation is very pleased about this. In order for the strategy to be…

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SMART training

30 rangers from the two Uzbek desert protected areas Saigachy and Südustjurt took part in a training on the introduction of SMART as a digitally…

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[Translate to EN:] Natürlicher Klimaschutz - z.B. das restaurierte Küstenüberflutungsmoor Karrendorfer Wiesen bei Greifswald (Foto: S. Kagemann)

Containing plenty of peatlands, but there's room for more

The German Environmental Ministry's Action Programme Natural Climate Protection (ANK) extensively considers peatland protection as a nature-based…

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MoorWissen relaunched (Pic:

MoorWissen revamped

Fresh colours, fresh info - worth visiting: information platform on peatlands, paludiculture and climate protection

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Now published - CADI Conference Proceedings on Winter Cold Deserts

As part of CADI, an International Conference on Cold Winter Deserts was held in Tashkent at the end of last year.

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The vastness of the steppe.

SMART exchange

Protected area staff from four Central Asian countries met at the Irgyz-Turgay Nature Reserve in Kazakhstan to exchange ideas on modern approaches to…

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Care is already required in the preparation of good herbarium specimens. The plants are placed in newspapers for pressing and separated in clip folders. At the same time, data is entered on the computer. © J. Wunderlich/ Michael Succow Foundation

Unique plant records from Central Asia available worldwide

What scientific cooperation achieves – A month ago, the first digital herbarium specimens from the National Herbarium of Uzbekistan (TASH) were…

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Five countries, three rivers, one vision

Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia are building bridges instead of making borders with their 5-country Biosphere Reserve. The Michael…

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Succow Foundation travels to potential biosphere reserves in Oman

At the beginning of August, a team of the Succow Foundation and the Botanical Garden of the University of Greifswald visited the two study areas for…

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