Opening statements © Ministry of Ecology, Environmental Protection and Climate Change of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Succow Foundation supports regional dialogue on transboundary cooperation in Central Asia

From 28-30 November, the Succow Foundation (MSF) presented its current project activities on transboundary nature conservation in Central Asia at a…

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The Great Gobi in Mongolia in the fog Photo: J. Wunderlich/ Michael Succow Foundation

Breathtaking trip to the Gobi Desert

Together with our Foundation Board member Prof. Dr. Hannes Knapp and our Mongolian partners, we have been to Mongolia twice this year alone for a…

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The Zarafshan protected area in Tajikistan Photo: C. Welscher/ Michael Succow Foundation

Launch of cross-border project activities in the Zarafshan Valley between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan

Activities to strengthen transboundary cooperation in the Zarafshan Valley between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan started in October with the evaluation of…

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Map of European Peatlands © Global Peatlands Assessment 2023

Peatlands in Europe and the way forward: Webinar on November 14

A webinar on November 14 presents insights from the Global Peatlands Assessment

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Ecosystem Restoration in Ukraine: Rewetting the Zalivky Bog. Photo: Evgen Tkach, Michael Succow Foundation

Project Empowerment of Ukrainian Biosphere Reserves becomes IKI lighthouse project

Ukraine features diverse ecosystems indispensable for sustaining human livelihoods.

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After the workshopthe participants gather in front of the Venice Agreement Poster zusammen (Photo: Nicole Puschel)

Sensing Peat

The interdisciplinary workshop “Sensing Peat! The transformational commitment of the Venice Agreement brings together science, art and practice to…

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The Cold Winter Deserts of Turan have many faces: the Ustyurt Plateau with cliffs and slide rocks stretches across western Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. © V. Terentiev

Cold Winter Deserts of Turan and Hyrcanian Forests of Azerbaijan inscribed as World Heritage Sites

At its 45th session in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), the World Heritage Committee inscribed two World Natural Heritage Sites whose nomination was supported…

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Zarafshan Valley Photo: N. Marmasinskaya

New project launched for transboundary environmental cooperation in Central Asia

A new project to strengthen transboundary protected area management and sustainable land use between Central Asian countries started on Monday with an…

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[Translate to EN:] Peatland Atlas cover - Creator: Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung. This image is licensed under Creative Commons License.

Out now: the Peatland Atlas in English

The Moor Atlas has attracted great interest in Germany and - though in German - even beyond - that is why it is now also published in English.

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Ranger Team receives IUCN WCPA International Ranger Award

The Rangers of the Desniansko-Starohutskyi National Nature Park, our partner National Nature Park & Biosphere Reserve, were awarded for exceptional…

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