EUKI - Carbon capturing by Baltic peatland farmers

Practical exchange for paludiculture & peatland carbon farming

More peatland climate farmers are needed to press ahead climate protection through sustainable use of wet peatlands - also in the Baltic States. Therefore, the Succow Foundation together with partners in the Baltic countries are launching the project "Carbon capturing by Baltic peatland farmers - Practical exchange for paludiculture & peatland carbon farming". In the Baltic States, drained peat soils are responsible for 53-71% of all greenhouse gas emissions from the Baltic agricultural sector, although they cover only 5-6% of the agricultural soils in the Baltic States. The users of these peat soils, primarily farmers and foresters, cannot change this on their own. In order to switch to wet and climate-smart land use, they need support. To enable them to produce renewable biomass in paludiculture for carbon-neutral or even carbon-negative products in the food, construction or energy sectors, the Succow Foundation and its partners impart knowledge and practical experience on climate-neutral management of peatland sites.


In cooperation with Baltic agri-cultural extension services the Project partners develop training programs and trains farmers in workshops. Paludiculture exhibitions are compiled and then presented at relevant events. Baltic practitioners will travel to German paludiculture pilots along a study tour. The project monitors paludiculture pilots and establishes a Pan-Baltic network for paludiculture and peatland climate economy. It also develops compensation plans for paludiculture and peatland climate management. For policy advice the project will funnel these plans in the political institutions in the Baltic States from local to national level.


Factsheets on Building materials from paludiculture plants:

Here users or producers will find a list of building materials from paludiculture plants, which are either already available on the market or have been developed as pilot models:

Acoustic panel from reed by Hiss Reet pdf
Acoustic panel by Naporo pdf

Insulation board by Hiss Reet pdf
Insulation board by Naporo pdf
Blow-in insulation by Naporo pdf
Insulation board by Gramitherm pdf
Insulation board by Typhatechnik pdf

Factsheet Alder wood pdf
Light weight reed board by Claytec pdf
Reed board by Conluto pdf

Plaster base board by Egginger pdf
Paludiculture foam boards pdf
Paludiculture boards by Zelfo pdf

(Kopie 5)

Animated film  "Peatland, climate and paludiculture" (English only) with beautifull illustrations by Sarah Heuzeroth animated by Lucas Treise


The Succow Foundation is implementing this project as part of the European Climate Initiative (EUKI) of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) together with the Baltic partners Estonian Fund for Nature (ELF, Estonia), Lake and Peatland Research Centre (LPRC, Latvia), and the Foundation for Peatland Restoration and Conservation (FPRC, Lithuania).


EUKI - Carbon capturing by Baltic peatland farmers

Practical exchange for paludiculture & peatland carbon farming

Location: Baltic States

Duration: 08/2021-12/2023

Workshop on wet peatland management (Photo: A. Haberl)
Andreas Haberl (Photo: Ph. Schroeder)
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