Lecture series „International Applied Nature Conservation“

In cooperation with the Institute of Botany and Landscape Ecology of the University of Greifswald, the Succow Foundation organizes an annual lecture series on „International Applied Nature Conservation“ in the winter semester.

The lecture in English with a duration of two semester hours per week is integrated in the basic module „International Conservation“ of the bachelor course „Landscape Ecology & Conservation“. In addition, students of the master course „Landscape Ecology & Nature Conservation“ (LENC) also participate.

Topics of the lecture series include the presentation of practical conservation projects of the Succow Foundation in different ecosystems of the world, the integration of climate goals in ecosystem restoration using the example of peatland conservation projects as well as Best Practice examples on sustainable land management of the Foundation.

Lecture series „International Applied Nature Conservation“

Location: Germany

Duration: annual lecture series in the winter semester

Christian Welscher Photo: P. Schroeder
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