The SPARPAN project is carried out in cooperation with the INTERREG Baltic Sea project DESIRE. Since there is little expertise on wet peatland management (paludiculture) in the project countries Kaliningrad and Belarus and traditional processes (berry production, reed use) are nowadays rarely used, the project aims to raise the project partner's (Kaliningrad region) and associated partner's (Belarus) awareness at all stakeholder levels. In workshops and through advice from the relevant institutions, capacities for paludiculture and the utilization of biomass in the target countries are expanded and further developed.

The project's aim is to emphasise the relevance of peat rewetting as well as paludiculture and their importance for nutrient retention, particularly in the Kaliningrad region and in Belarus. Target groups are authorities, public and private practitioners from the fields of water management, agriculture and forestry, fishing, etc.


Location: Russia (Kaliningrad region), Belarus

Duration: 11.2019 - 6.2021

Dr. Wendelin Wichtmann (Photo: Ph. Schroeder)
Contact person

Dr. Wendelin Wichtmann
Expertise: Peatlands and paludiculture


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